Sim City Crack

This is a cracked simcity version that has been patched on 6/5/2013. *YOU MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IVE PROVIDED FOR IT TO WORK!!! DONT CALL ME A LIAR AND SCAMMER IF YOU CANT GET IT TO WORK! THATS YOUR FAULT FOR NOT FOLLOWING THE SIMPLE DIRECTIONS!!!* Basically, this is the legit game, however, due to some tricky packet sniffing and grabbing, the hacker managed to capture essential EA files for the game from their servers. WHATS AVAILABLE: Main game, saving, cheats, sandbox. WHATS DISABLED: Trading, achievements, online play, etc.

Download :

After opening, you will be greeted with:
Once the button turns RED, click it, and minimize the screen. You may be asked if you want to allow it to pass your firewall. Press private and local networks or it wont work. Now, go to the EXTRA folder. Copy host file to windows/system32/drivers/etc
Go back to the EXTRA folder, and click on the EA certificate.
The hard part is finally over. Now, go back to the extras folder, and install origin. You *MUST* install this version. While installing, turn off auto update feature. After installing, log into origin with your EA username. Immediately after logging in, disable your network connection. Now, you will come to notice that the store page now is a text wall. This means you were successful with the credential hacks.
If you have that screen above, you did it right. Now go to the game page and see simcity is there. Install it. Do everything it asks. After, hit play.
When inside the launcher, eventually the maxis logo will change to the vulpes logo. Click play and enjoy the game.
See the vulpes logos? Shame on you for thinking i was lying. Now hit play.
Seriously, its working. Please remember that you *MUST* run START.EXE in the simcity folder to be able to play. If you dont, it wont work. This is because START.EXE is acting as the simcity server. Also note, your antivirus very likely will flag "HOSTS", START.EXE" and "STOP.EXE" as a virus. This is 100% false and is a false positive. Allow them in your antivirus safe list. They are ESSENTIAL for this to work.